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Due to cleanliness and hygiene issues, in order to ensure that each guest has a private service space, and to maintain the company's service quality.


We insist on protecting the precious time of every guest and cooperating with the company's time arrangement.


Those who are here for the first time

The reservation fee of HK$100 must be paid in advance. If the required service is completed on the same day, the required reservation fee of HK$100 will be deducted immediately.  Make an appointment after receiving the payment*

(*After that, our staff will contact the customer by phone to confirm.)


In order to make reservations more accurate and efficient for all distinguished guests, the reservation will be automatically cancelled for those who are 15 minutes late, and for No Show or cancel the reservation, the fee will not be refunded, and the reservation can be changed 24 hours in advance.


Please respect and understand the professional service quality that our company insists on, please forgive me!


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For questions about payment methods, please feel free to contact us directly.

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